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           As a dedicated artist, I draw inspiration from everyday life, endeavoring to extract the extraordinary expressions of color, form, and emotion. My artistic journey commenced in childhood and has been steadfast in pursuit of capturing the essence of human experience in art. Informed by a diverse array of influences, including the avant-garde movement of Fluxus, the seminal color theory of Josef Albers, and the pioneering choreography of Pina Bausch, my work delves into the nuanced intersections of memory, identity, and emotion. Each deliberate mark or fold serves as a conduit that transcends temporal and spatial constraints.

            At the core of my practice lies a deep reverence for process. Whether I'm immersed in familiar or unfamiliar media, I approach each piece with unwavering dedication and a spirit of inquiry, allowing the artwork to evolve intuitively. My aspiration is for my art to encourage introspection and connection, offering viewers a moment to reflect on the beauty around them. Ultimately, my aim as an artist is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity, underscoring the profound impact of art to inspire, uplift, and transform.  Thank you for embarking on this artistic journey with me.

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